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Rock ’n roll D-DAY 2018

Volunteer on D-Day 2018

Rock & Roll D-Day #33

June 9, 2018, from 14:00 hrs - At that moment it’s time for the annual, free accessible rock ’n roll festival at Zuiderzeeweg 29 in Amsterdam.

  • It’s all rock ’n roll, baby
  • Great live rock & roll bands
  • The most jivin, rockin & boppin DJ’s
  • Nice atmosphere, cool people
  • Dress in style... if you like
  • Shop at the 50s market
  • Catering and bars
  • Vintage cars & motorbikes
  • Dance ’till you bop, flop or drop
At this festival you will find the market with stalls full of enthusiastic sellers of fifties and retro stuff, tiki stuff, fashion and ceramics. Shoe sellers, men’s and women’s clothing, T-shirts and even our own Cruise Inn stall with t-shirts and memorabilia. Even furniture, tables and dinners can be found on D-Day. And of course loads of music on CD and vinyl.

Meanwhile you can get a refreshing drink (beverage-tickets) along the street or in the Cruise Inn itself. Also there is a catering and a snack car. You can hear the music everywhere. The DJ’s are working their music collections or a band is playing on the outside stage.
Do yuo need a haircut? Or do you like to see if a rockabilly hair feels good? There is even a rockin’ barber clipping and styling.

While visitors flock in all possible ways, the parking lot is full of old-timers and motorbikes. Every year a mixed audience comes to D-Day. Rockers, psychobillies, jivers, rock & roll lovers, young and old. It is the most fun festival in Amsterdam! Wel, it’s just because we all like to hear the music and we like to see new people and old acquaintances.

From 3 o’clock the band performances start and what a nice program it is again. Something for everyone! The outside performances go on till 23:00. For those who feel the night is still young, you can continue in the Cruise Inn till 3:00, where the DJ’s rant ’ rave to keep the dancefloor full

This longrunning rock ’n roll festival will be succesfull again with the help of many volunteers. As a volunteer you will get an exclusive Cruise Inn crew T-shirt and 5 free beverage-tickets. If you have a couple of hours to spare, then help us out and subscribe!

Volunteer on D-Day 2018

Furious (UK)
Furious (UK)
Hellbent rock-n-roll songs with a wild and mental sound, that is FURIOUS. This isn’t for the faint of heart. This is the real roots of rock ‘n’’ roll! This teddyboy trio from Liverpool is absolutely ready to tear up D-Day #33
Johnny Flame & The Dragons (UK)
Johnny Flame & The Dragons (UK)
Authentic rockabilly from the UK. The band performs a mix of original 1950s material and some self-penned songs. In fact they are working on new songs!
The Booze Bombs (D)
The Booze Bombs (D)
They bring a 100% Black Forest Rockabilly! This quartet with the powerful female singer Annie Leopardo, reminds you of Patsy Cline & Wanda Jackson. They play self-composed and true authentic songs.
Earl & The Overtones (FR)
Earl & The Overtones (FR)
Between compositions and covers, always marked by their personal imprint, the Overtones play a sincere tribute to the 50’s artists. They add a bassguitar, like some true original artists did.
The Reno Brothers (NL)
The Reno Brothers (NL)
Nice rockabilly with a pinch of country. This wellknown Dutch band has a firm international reputation and since 2015 they returned to the stage. When they are rockin’ there is no band as the Reno Brothers.
The Watch Dogs (NL)
The Watch Dogs (NL)
Fifties style stompin’ rockabilly band, these 3 are no strangers to the rockabilly scene. Passionate about authentic music, they will surprise you.




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